BrightMed Talks


BrightMed & GWMF 2019 - Out of Chaos

The theme of BrightMed’s 8th cultural and intellectual global festival is

CHAOS: One small action can spark change in everything

Our event includes an intellectual conference, film festival, young people’s festival and the Gibraltar World Music Festival which takes place over six days in multiple venues.

We are planning more than 10 live events featuring more than 150 performance artists including jazz; ethno-funk; soul; groove; psychedelic; DJ sets; talks with some of the world’s brightest thinkers from the political, academic, creative and tech sectors; dance; poetry and an educational programme for young people.

Full programme and performance line-up to be confirmed.

BrightMed is founded by Yan Delgado, Fatosh Delgado and José Luis Martínez Musical Director Orphy Robinson; Creative Director Lester Batchelor.

Gibraltar World Music Festival 2019