Brightmed 2023 - Kushame


Kúshame! 2023

The BrightMed team has the great pleasure to invite you to the 2023’s edition of the Gibraltar World Music Festival (GWMF) and the BrightMed events. This year’s theme is ‘Kúshame!’

‘Kúshame!’ is a word from our local and popular dialect called ‘Yanito’. The Yanito is spoken by the people of the region of Gibraltar. It simply means ‘Listen to me’, what better statement by a Festival such as the BrightMed for the last 9 years to created bridges between Business and Culture around the World

BrightMed and Gibraltar World Music Festival events will take place the 13th of June 2023

As per every edition, GWMF will arrange concerts at the St Michael’s cave on the Evening of the 13th of June. These concerts will explore the universality of music with Al’Fado, Liraz and Anna RF.

Al’Fado is a new musical program constructed mostly of music originating from the Iberian Peninsula. This music goes back to the Jewish / Hebrew communities living in the region in medieval times and it’s sang in an ancient dialect of Spanish mixed with Portuguese and Hebrew called Ladino. Al’Fado is half Israeli and half Portuguese. The group features singer Gal Tamir, Avishay Back on bass guitar, João Roque on guitars and Diogo Melo de Carvalho on percussion. The group is based in the rich and varied music scene of Lisbon, the multicultural capital of Portugal.

Singer, songwriter and actress Liraz has wowed crowds with her performances of stage, sound, and screen. In this groundbreaking musical project Liraz sought to combine modern sounds and beats with the ethnic flavour from her persian roots. The mixture of beats with Iranian influences of the 1970’s translates into Liraz's desire to integrate her family's history with her own. This inspiration is what fueled her interest to work with the acclaimed beats producer Rejoicer (Raw Tapes). Liraz blends her Iranian heritage with Los Angeles driven beats to create a truly rich mix of Middle Eastern spice and clean-cut beats.

Anna RF is an Electro Reggae band who creates music that combines the beauty of different cultures and brings people together in a joyful celebration of unity. The group’s sound is a mix between east & west, their vision stands for blending ancient and modern instruments with a live-electronic touch.


Gibraltar World Music Festival 2023